FSHD Global Chocolate Ball: June 2017


Mr Boyd teamed up with FSHD Global for their 8th Annual Chocolate Ball to raise money for the charity who fights Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, a highly complex, progressive muscle wasting disease affecting the lives of men, women and children from all walks of life.

The theme for the evening was Moulin Rouge! for which Michael Boyd created six routines with a cast of Sydney’s best 10 dancers. Each performance was paired with innovative styling to entertain the guests of the Ball.

choc ball 7

Opening the night was “Lady Marmalade” with a Mr Boyd twist. The boys appeared from within their audience to greet the female performers on stage before being shown up by some intricate and sharp choreography. Immediately following this number, guests were treated to a high speed can-can complete with break dance, fouetté turns, tricks and high kicks.

The second act opened in spotlight on a single dancer, joined by a cameo from Mr Boyd himself along with additional couples for intimate partner work. A solo en pointe followed to whimsical “One Day I’ll Fly Away”, by a dramatic tango to “Roxanne”.


To close, dancers quick-changed for the “Diamonds” finale, adorned in jewels, sequins, feathers and fans. All dancers had stunning make-up thanks to Jill Vuibureta, lifting the show even further to a theatrical level.

This was a special job where Mr Boyd was fortunate to collaborate with Stephen Tannos and Sarah Stollery who each choreographed performances for the evening. To work with young, visionary, Sydney-based choreographers and performers made Michael’s work all the more impactful and enjoyable.

Video of the night on our YouTube channel.

Michael Boyd is the Creative Director at Mr Boyd. A selection of his work as a director and choreographer is available at mrboyd.global

World Wide Dance ft. Mr Boyd: March 2017

A big thank you to World Wide Dance for showcasing some Mr Boyd magic with SYTYCD Australia winner Talia Fowler and Andrew Crawford.


Michael Boyd finds success from workshopping with his dancers, building from the visuals the performers make with their own style and interpretations of his choreography. His work is developed and tuned, containing emotion, character, and history.

This video was filmed during the second rehearsal of this piece with Talia Fowler and Andrew Crawford.

Michael wanted to combine classical technique with hip hop music, showcasing the female as the hero which is often portrayed in ballet. His goal was to commercialise the genre, making it attainable for a variety of dancers. His vision from the start was imagining this choreography being performed under water.

Mr Boyd artists are selected for their passion and dedication to their performing art. They help portray an invested and personal performance at Mr Boyd events, ensuring a lasting impression on their audience.

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Michael Boyd is Creative Director at Mr Boyd. A selection of his work as a director and choreographer in Sydney and Australia is available at mrboyd.global