Bulgari Art Award: May 2016


The team at Mr Boyd would like to congratulate the winner of this years Bulgari Art Award,  Tomislav Nikolic.

This time last year Michael Boyd collaborated with Bulgari to create a contemporary piece with moments of pas de deux performed by Andrew Crawford, Laura May, Lucy Palmer, and Madeleine Kazda. Choreographed around two 40-metre tables full of dining guests, the performers glided around the outside and through the middle of their audience in the iconic lobby of the Australian Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Full video here.

Mr Boyd was inspired by the movement of coloured dye dropped into water, its fluidity, slow beauty and vibrancy. Custom-made skirts were designed to replicate this movement, the colour specifically chosen to portray a blank canvas to showcase the million dollar Bulgari jewels the girls wore whilst performing.

In additional to the piece the girls were also living installations as the guests arrived, walking gracefully through the crowd adorned in a variety of Bulgari jewellery.


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Michael Boyd is the Creative Director at Mr Boyd. A selection of his work as a director and choreographer in Sydney and Australia is available at mrboyd.global

Photography by Belinda Rolland


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