After a teaching hiatus Michael Boyd is back in the studio teaching three open classes at Sydney’s Brent Street.

Last week’s class was awesome! Mr Boyd is back in the studio (Brent Street) tonight at 8.00pm ($20).

Photo credit: Jez Smith

Michael Boyd encourages all professional dancers and dance students alike to come along and develop their own artistry within his choreography. Mr Boyd says:

“Dance isn’t always about nailing each lot of 8. It’s also about your performance quality, finding a way to make foreign movements sit perfectly on you and expressing any discomfort through your own interpretation.

Here’s a short clip from last week’s class:

Tonight’s class will have some optional variables with continued solo work, partner work and mirrored choreography. He has also incorporated space for break dance or trick moves.

Looking forward to seeing you there tonight!

Michael Boyd is Creative Director at Mr Boyd. A selection of his work as a director and choreographer in Sydney, Australia is available at 

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